torsdag den 24. november 2016

The titels in the library:

Chronicles of Darkness (2004; 6*)
Call of Cthulhu 7e (1981; 11*)
Delta Green (1997; 4)
Trail of Cthulhu (2008; 4)
Geist the Sin-Eaters (2009)

Coriolis (2016; 2)

D&D Next (1974; 4), WFRP 1e (1986), Ars Magica 5e (1987).
Amber (1991; 0), Everway boxset (1995), Nobilis 2e (1999).
Trinity Æon (1997; 0), WH40K (2008; 0), Eclipse Phase (2009; 0)
Fate Core 4e (2003), Burning Empires (2006), Hillfolk (2013; 2)


* CofD includes:  "Demon the Descent", "Damnation City" & "V20 deluxe";
                        "Mage the Awakening 2e" & "Mage the Ascension 1e".        
* Call includes:    "Sense of the Sleigth of Hand Man" + "Dreamlands 5e"

lørdag den 21. august 2004

The gentlemans guide to storyplay:

"The most important thing when storyplaying is
 the other participants - treat them with respect"

1) Be CURIOUS, awake and present.
2) There is no road without HUMOR.

Character Creation:
1) Your character is your MUSE.
2) Finish your character IN PLAY. 

1) EVOKE the spirit of PLAYFULLNESS.
2) SHOW your performance. Don't tell IT.

1) LISTEN and ACCEPT before you RESPOND.
2) ACTIVATE and ASSIST your fellow players.

1) Don't hold back IDEAS, new ones will come.
2) Never deus ex machina or edit in a STORY.

1) Be A SPORT, be gentle and be a man.
2) There is CREATIVITY in tension

1) Storyplay is ENTERTAINMENT.
2) Know the rules of the GAME.

And what ever you do "keep it SIMPLE and make it FUN",
COMPLEXITY will emerge from interacting with the simple.

Roleplay History:

FANTASY (1986-1994: 9y):
First: Dungeons & Dragons
Second: Warhammer Fantasy¨
Third: Troubadour (homemade)
What's:  Fantasy? Roleplay?
Inspire: Ars Magica, Earthdawn.

cWoD ERA (1995-2003: 9y):
First: Mage the Ascension *
Second: Trinity Universe
Third: Changeling the Dreaming
What's: Weird Tales? Story?
Inspire: Amber, Everway, Nobilis

nWoD ERA (2004-2015: 12y):
First: Vampire the Requiem *
Second: Warhammer 40K
Third: Eclipse Phase
What's: Horror? Drama?
Inspire: Hillfolk, Fate, Burning *

CONTINUUM (2016+):
First: Chronicles of Darkness *
Second: Coriolis
Third: Trinity: Æon
What's: Framing? Gameplay?
Inspire: . . .


Mage the Ascension* + Vampire the Requiem* = steeped in Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green and later Trail of Cthulhu.
Burning* = The burning wheel system found in the Burning Empires rpg.
Chronicles * = CofD steeped in Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Trail of Cthulhu.